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I have to tell him the truth.


I have to buy the ticket before getting on the train.


I need to concentrate more in order to finish this job.


I have to go to bed early tonight.


I must study.


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Five facts that surprised me on my trip to Italy! There were quite a few surprises in Italy, a country not far from the UK!


From now on, no matter what wonderful anime movie you come across (in the future), I don't think it will surpass Spirited Away.


I don't think any anime movie I will encounter in the future can surpass Spirited Away.


I don't think she is a doctor.


I don't think it is safe.


I don't think it's difficult.


I don't think he's coming anymore.


Regarding this, place the event mark on the world map to select and continue the story.

Regarding this, place the event mark on the world map to select and continue the story.


You can either buy this book online or purchase it at a bookstore.


Do you like soccer or baseball more?


This product comes in either orange or grapefruit flavor.


I want to have a dog or a cat as a pet.


I tried to translate the English article.


It's hard to believe.


It is difficult to answer this question.


This machine is difficult to use.


The moment he won the Olympic gold medal is still unforgettable.


This is truly an unacceptable behaviour.


Panasonic computers are less likely to break.


These shoes are difficult to walk in.


It's a fire-resistant building material.


I have always had a constitution that is difficult to gain weight.


This kanji has many strokes and is difficult to remember.


The windows in the house are old and difficult to open.


These chopsticks are a little difficult to use.