なるべく (narubeku) Meaning Japanese Grammar - As Much as Possible

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なるべく (narubeku) Meaning Japanese Grammar - As Much as Possible

The adverb なるべく (narubeku) has the meanings of as much as possible, as much as you can, wherever practicable.

In this post we learn more about the meaning of なるべく, how it is formed and when なるべく is used through real example sentences.

We will also see the expressions ()()るだけ and ()(のう)(かぎ)り used to express the same concept.

How なるべく is formed

なるべく is generally written in hiragana and it is composed:

  • by the verb ()become
  • and by ()く meaning in order to, for the purpose of and also be permissible.

⇨ as each opportunity becomes

It is translated: as much as possibile, wherever practicable.


()()るだけ and other synonyms of なるべく

The form ()()るだけ is often used instead of なるべく.

  • ()()るだけ as much as possible; an expression containing the verb 出来る can and the particle だけ only, just.

We also find:

  • ()(のう)(かぎ)り where ()(のう)な is a な Adjective meaning possible, feasible and (かぎ)り a noun meaning limitto the extent possible, as much as possible.


Please submit your report as soon as possible.

We can express the same concept by saying:


Please submit your report as soon as possible..

A more colloquial and informal way to say なるべく is なるたけ.


I'll be back as soon as I can..

  • From a food sales website:
Please consume the raw product as soon as possible.
(なま)もの: noun referring to all raw, fresh products


Please consume the raw product as soon as possible.

In the advertisement it has been used the honorific language Keigo:

  • (はや)く: o-hayaku; use of the honorific prefix "o"
  • ()()がり(くだ)さい: polite imperative form of the honorific language; the verb ()()がる is the honorific form of ()べる eat

なるべく早く when you are in a hurry

A commonly used expression in Japanese is なるべく and the adverb (はや)く which means soon, quickly, early and is used when stating that an action will be done as soon as possible or when asking to do something as soon as possible.

(いそ)ぐとき when you are in a hurry


I will reply as soon as possible..

When it is better to avoid なるべく

なるべく is used when making a request to someone, but it is not recommended to use it towards a ()(うえ)(ひと), a superior, it would be indelicate and impolite.

It is not polite to ask a superior for a quick reply even if you ask the question using the honorific language Keigo.

In this case we have to use an entirely different phrase and expression.

If we need an answer or some documents by a certain date:


I would appreciate your attention, because April 12th is the deadline..

(たい)(おう) is a noun meaning correspondence, response; it refers to the fact of dealing with the matter

⇨ I would ask you the courtesy of dealing with this matter by 12 April.

Examples of なるべく


Please speak as quietly as possible, as there is a baby (in the room)..


Cut as small as possible.


It's better to leave it up to the children!