に従って (ni shitagatte) Meaning Japanese Grammar - According To

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に従って (ni shitagatte) Meaning Japanese Grammar - According To

The expression に(したが)って (ni shitagatte) means according to following, in accordance with, as, conform to, in line with, in compliance with.

In this post, we will explore the meaning of に(したが)って, how it is formed and when it is used through common phrases.

We will also look at the single verb (したが)う, which means respect or comply with and its negative form (したが)わない meaning violate or not comply with.

I will include in the post a list of nouns that can be used with に(したが)って.

How and when に従って is used

(したが)って is a formal expression in Japanese and indicates something that should be adhered to and followed; it can be a regulation, an order, an instruction, a direction from a guide, a person, a company, etc.

Phrase A - Expression+(したが)って+Phrase B

The phrase or expression A expresses what is to be followed or conformed to.


You must make a payment, in accordance with this contract.


Proceed with the work following the instructions.

How to form に(したが)って

(したが)って is formed:

  • by the particle に
  • by the て form of the verb (したが)う meaning obey, follow, conform to
  • the synonim of (したが)う is the verb (ふく)(じゅう)する : obey, be compliant with

(したが)って is used with Verbs and Nouns.

We can also find the form に(したが)い with the Base in い of the verb (したが)う and is considered more formal.

Verb in the Dictionary Form+(したが)って+Phrase


The wind gets stronger as we approach the top.

The expression is often transcribed in hiragana にしたがって.


As the number of words you know increases, your listening ability will improve as well.



Live according to your true feelings.

Live according to your intuition! That is your true life.
(ちょっ)(かん): intuition, instinct


Live according to your intuition! That is your true life.

Nouns used with に(したが)って

Here is a short list of nouns commonly used with the expression に(したが)って:

  • ()(てい)にしたがって: in accordance with the regulations
  • (ほう)(そく)にしたがって: according to the law
  • ()()にしたがって: according to the instructions
  • ()(じゅん)にしたがって: according to the procedures
  • (せつ)(めい)にしたがって: according to the instructions
  • (あん)(ない)にしたがって: following the instructions

(したが)わない: disobey, violate

The negative form of the verb(したが)う is (したが)わない and is used with the meaning of: not to follow, not to comply, to violate.


He was disciplined for violating the company's policy.

Examples of に従って


According to the law, all citizens are equal.

指示: indication, instruction

For lovers and scholars of mathematical analysis:

Differentiate a function using the definition of a derivative.
(どう)(かん)(すう): the derivative


Differentiate a function using the definition of a derivative.


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