どうして (Dou shite) Meaning Japanese Grammar - What

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どうして (Dou shite) Meaning Japanese Grammar - What

The expression どうして (dō shite) means how?, in what way?, why? and what?.

どうして is used in questions to ask for clarification or information about a certain situation. どうして is one of the translations of the word why in Japanese.

In this post we learn more about the meaning of どうして, how it is formed, and when どうして is used through real example sentences.

How どうして is formed

This is an expression composed of:


Synonym for どうして is どうやって with the verb やる, which like する means to do

How and when to use どうして

どうして is used to ask for the reasons, the motivations referred to an action, a fact, a situation.


Why didn't you come?


Why did you decide to leave home?

It is also used to ask the way, the manner in which an action is performed.


How did you know him?

Can express doubts and perplexities on causes and related to a fact.


Why are they so slow?

⇨ I wonder (annoyed) why they are so slow.

In situations where there is strong resistance and rejection towards something.


How can I keep quiet about this!

どうして also emphasizes a feeling or emotion towards a situation or circumstance.


There was a great turnout.

どうしても - Absolutely, anyway

どうして combined with the particle も forms an adverb widely used in the language and means at any cost, by any means, in any way.

どうしても with the verb in the affirmative form

どうしても is often followed by the volitional form expressed by the suffix たい.


He wants to enter that university at any cost.


I really wanted to win the match.


There'll be some left over anyway.

どうしても with the verb in the negative form

Another meaning of どうしても is despite everything, in no way and is used with verbs in negative form.


I just couldn't find it.

⇨ In spite of all my efforts, despite having searched for it so much, I did not find it.

A book to read when you just can't forgive someone.
Author of the book: Jinnosuke Kokoroya.


A book to read when you just can't forgive someone.

Other examples of どうして


Why did you decide to study abroad?


Why are you always late?


I don't understand why she ignored me.


Why didn't you tell me?

The verb in this sentence is (おし)える which means to teach, to instruct. Among its various meanings there is also the one of to say ,to refer, to inform.

A common word in sentences containing どうして is ()(もん): doubt, uncertainty, questioning.

Why do I have to study?
どうして: Why?


Why do I have to study?