それはそうと (sore wa sō to) Meaning Japanese Grammar - Anyway

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それはそうと (sore wa sō to) Meaning Japanese Grammar - Anyway

それはそうと (sore wa sō to) is an expression formed by:

  • それ (sore) is a demonstrative of the kosoado series. それ means that, referring to an object far from the speaker and close to the listener

  • Particle は

  • そう (sou), which belongs as well to the kosoado series and means like that, so

  • Particle と, which among the various functions also plays the role of the conjunction and

We find それ in many expressions that take on various nuances in use, including:

Now let's see in detail what the expression それはそうと means and how and when to use it.

Meaning of それはそうと

Let's go back to the element そう which belongs as we said to the kosoado series and has the same root as それ, that is .

In this case the new series is formed by adding う:

  • こう like this

  • そう that way

  • ああ that other way, add in this case

  • どう in what way? How?

If we want to translate literally, the expression means: It is that way, and ...

Change the subject in a conversation

There are various ways in which we can translate this expression. The appropriate term must be chosen based the situation:

  • anyway

  • by the way

  • anyway

  • well ...

Used when we want to change the subject of the conversation and lead the conversation in a different direction from the starting point.

Let's see a simple example:

  • The daughter says to the mother:


Mom, I bought the milk!

  • The mother replies:


Ah thank you. Then how did the exam go?

Another example:


It's autumn already. Ah, but then Tanaka called you?

Informal conversation

It is an expression used even in informal conversation, in a friendly context, with people with whom you are familiar:


Anyway, what are you doing now?


However, how long will you be here?


Anyway, how about a coffee?

Changing the topic...

In some cases, emphasizing the fact that we are shifting the focus to another topic, we could also use the expression directly: anyway, changing the subject ... .