それから (sorekara) Meaning Japanese Grammar - Since

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それから (sorekara) Meaning Japanese Grammar - Since

それから (sorekara) literally means hence, since.

それから translates as after that, and then, then with time value (like それで).


And then I went home.

それから indicates the order or sequentiality of the actions. I first perform one action and then proceed with the others, up to the concluding one represented by the last verb.

それから stands for その (つぎ)

We find それ in many expressions that take on various nuances in use, including:


I shop at the convenience store and then go home.


As soon as I get home I cook and then I check my mails.

それから to say "in addition to"

それから also has the meaning of in addition of something.


Wine. Ah, buy beer too!

Sequence of actions with それから

それから indicates the order and sequence of actions and we can translate it with after, and after, after which, later,

I take action A, then action B.


I'll have lunch and then I'll go out.


I did my homework and then took a bath.


Let's have a quiet chat at the bar and then go to lunch!

Lists with それから

In a list of options, それから indicates the element you want to add to those listed above.


A coffee please. And some cookies too, please.


Kaori, Nicole and then Kim come to the party today.


Bring scissors, cardboard boxes you no longer need and duct tape.