それに (soreni) Meaning Japanese Grammar - In Addition To That ...

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それに (soreni) Meaning Japanese Grammar - In Addition To That ...

それに (soreni) is a expression literally meaning is to that, to that thing.

それに is made up of それ and the particle に:

  • それ (sore) is a demonstration of the kosoado series.そ れ means that referring to an object far from the speaker and close to the listener.

We find それ in many expressions that take on various nuances in use, including:

それに is one of these expressions that we are going to learn more about in this post.

Meaning of それに


The house I saw was identical to the one.

それに - in addition to

This meaning and use that we are going to see of それに can be translated as: furthermore, in addition to that ....

It is synonymous with:

  • それに(くわ)えて from the verb in the dictionary form (くわ)える add

  • in addition to that

  • another term with the same meaning is そして

After stating something, それに is used to add information to what was said at the beginning.

It is a colloquial term, but also used a lot in the commercial field.

Position of それに in a list

  • それに in a list can be inserted before the last element.


A 、 B 、 C 、 D and additionally E.


The materials needed are: iron, wood, salt and also silver.

それに at the beginning of the sentence


I plan to go to study abroad. I chose Canada because I love nature. Also Canada is close to the United States and I can also visit the United States.

それに after the comma

We can find それに as in the previous sentence, at the beginning of a sentence or in the middle of it, after the comma, which in Japanese is called コンマ (from the English comma).


This magazine is easy to read, plus it also has nice photos.


Tokyo has a large population and also the cost of living is expensive.

Synonyms for それに

  • そして is often found in place of それに, different expressions but with the same meaning. For example, in the sentence about the list we can also use そして


The characteristic of new products is that they are light, fast, small and also cheap.

  • 〜に(くわ)えて, in addition to ..., moreover ..., in addition to ...


This month, in addition to the regular rent, we also have to pay the costs for the renewal of the lease.